In Frantic Search of an Answer

from by Bedlam of Cacophony



I fathom arising, as suicide is my morning self expression.
I fight for constant sunlight.
Eyes beat into a lost transition.
I fear the sleep, disgorging dreams of idealism.
I fear the awakening.
Steel casket pillows hide the tormented nights.
My breathe is losing rhythm chasing memories, when will the end of all arrive.
Sedation is not meditation.
Programmed medication.
Artificial Blood.
I need to live forever.
Obsession with my own reflection.
Fascination of a pure skeletal physique.
My exotic fixation with the temples of lust.
Warp me into romanticizing the frail bodies.
I’m frantically searching for an answer.
Construct to collapse, collapse to construct.
I won’t stop kissing clocks until I find my answers.
One thing is for certain, time waits for no man.
Kill me in my sleep so this dream will last forever.
Kill me in my dream so this sleep will last forever.


from Bedlam Preproduction 2015, released June 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Bedlam of Cacophony California

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