Turmoil Machine - EP

by Bedlam of Cacophony

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released April 20, 2008


Lee Artavia - Vocals
Jamie Lara - Guitar
Tony Agosta - Bass
Nate Cotton - Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Seahorse Sound Studios in Riverside, CA by Samur.




Bedlam of Cacophony California

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Track Name: Turmoil Machine
Gray water reflects agony smoke drowning out the sky. Red sparks from the iris drip off the horizons blind eyes. Respiration from roots, ingrown from dead energy, chattered corruption hiding the outcries. Energy from this arrival of respiration. Twisted, splintered rooftops constantly convulsing as the mass of mankind crosses the molded over doorway. Ceramic images depart from the air into the Turmol Machine. Holographic mankind gets compacted into a single line. Inverse canvas roughens the eclipse. Hammers swing chaotically ahead of vile passages, warped in mildew. It expresses each continuous level of complexity in this psychological, psychotic, metaphysical, sick, incurable infection of our biography of fuck ups. As we fall deeper into the abyss of the Turmoil Machine. Ceramic images depart from the air. Red sparks from the iris drip off the horizons blind eyes. Inverse canvas roughens the eclipse. Energy from this arrival of respiration. Descending up hill. Theory of everything translating nothing. Concience guessing becomes different than before. Force accelerates all sanity to fold. Natural nexus of the universe submerged into illuminated infinity.
Track Name: Disemboweler
Reality, the world turns into idle inversion, bazaar delerium flashes from this melting background. Objects of perfection hidden from our understanding of the humanity vortex into mankind's madness. Evolution of invention, the progress of technology, globalization. Accelerated contact between populations. The human species, we have overshot the capacity of our planet. Distorted exsistence. My eyes decieve me when perception is doubt. Time is silent when predicting this downfall, the stunted ability of isolated equality from cultures. Encountering fear. Power is violence. Ironic fate from our progress.
Track Name: Opium Dreams
Bleach smoke collects accross the ceiling tiles and creeps down the textured tapestry. I see the emulsified leviathan grinning its charcoal enameled smile, seducing my lips with its caressing milky coils. I loose myself in haze. As I deeply intake its lust for synthetic felicity. I lay back and let the beast become me. I close my eyes and feel my smile stretch to an electric outline. Mapping the contours of my own perception. My senses curve harmoniously augmenting the mind's eye. Optical clarity recedes and reforms sight to a metaphysical anomaly. Toxin schematics begin graphing and unfolding in my head. Procreating the caverns subconcious and perversely manifesting creation. Derived from thoughtless gravity, a distinctive contortion forms. Metamorphosis erects a feminine silhouette. I reach out and twirl my calloused fingers through her and shifted her embrace towards my own. I feel her congealed form mesh into me, inducing a dual point inversion. Her mouth tastes like sulfur, as she spits another ash cloud down my throat and fills my lungs with gun metal smoke. She pulls away revealing her cumulous complexion and her livid gaze catches mine. Her eyes become transparent expanding chaos and visions of a sick sea.